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Photo Gallery

Various photos of Family Events and friends.


...love of my life, and now, my wife.
..in memory of my Father and best friend



The Goodwin's ...are my sister and her family.
Buddha ...is my guide dog and best friend.
Peg and Alex ...are my good friends.
Celebrities ...are famous people I have met.
April and Brent ...are friends of mine.
Mark Denis ...worked at the KFI Traffic Center Center.
Dinner Party ...a little after dinner cheer!

Family Picnic

...is a get together we had on July 4th, 1998. 
Digital Friends ...are some friends of mine.
Ginette & Roger ...paid us a visit on their vacation.
Theresa's Retirement Party ...could not be held at some one's house.
Sue's Graduation Party ...at Johnny Corino's in Temecula, CA
Cool Links ...at least I think so!!

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