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Search results feature web sites rated by users worldwide --  Each search returns a list that ranks web sites according to a criteria that includes votes from the people and impartial data that are independently gathered. The best sites are always easy to find because they top the list.   
WhO's Best? transforms the search engine industry -- WhO's Best? independently researches every site registered to present you with complete facts, such as age, popularity, quality and reliability. You'll no longer have to take a webmaster's word for it; let a competent third party inform you about a web site before you visit!
WhO's Best? defines state-of-the-art in search engines -- Each site on the return list is accompanied by a world of relevant information that is neatly displayed on the same form, allowing you to quickly locate email addresses, phone numbers and other important details.

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WhO's Best? provides unsurpassed search technology --  A search always presents readers with a classification that contains many alternate web sites with the desired information.
Designed to present the best online --  Two ways to locate what you want: Standard search by keywords or surf quickly and easily using a one-screen web portal that saves you time every day. The portal is designed by experts who sort out the best web sites for you -- your starting point is a page with over 100 of the most popular places to visit.
The next generation of search engines has arrived --  WhO's Best? requires webmasters who submit their web sites to provide all the information necessary about the organization. This information is later presented to you in an easy-to-read, uniform screen that allows you to compare it to many other alternatives. 

WhO's Best? defines the state-of-the-art in search engines.
It transcends the usual search techniques and adds services
that benefit both surfers and their targets.

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