Super Guy, Friend and Bro...
30+ Years 


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I am saddened for the sudden lose of my long time friend  "Mark Denis". He passed away on April 29th 2000. He has touched the lives of many and will be greatly missed. 

Well, it has been one year today that Mark has passed away.  Mark has been on my mind everyday since his passing.  I am one of many many people that Mark knew.  Even though I am just one person, I still feel as important as any other person he know.  There will come a day, when I too will pass away and be in HEAVEN with all my family, friends, and of course Mark Denis. Even though I have never gotten that cool job in radio that I have always dreamed of having, I am sure Mark will be able to get me that really divine radio job the next time I see him....I am only one person out of hundreds of lives Mark has touched. And once he has touched your life, you know it!  I have been blessed by having him in my life and having known him. Keep it rockin Bro, see you when the time is right.....


Our friendship goes back to the early 60's when Mark Denis was working
the morning shift at KEZY 1190AM in Anaheim, Ca.   I would make it a point to call  him several times a week.  We would visit on the phone sometimes an hour at a stretch.   We had a great time talking about what I was doing in school, what my family was up to, or just about anything under the sun.  I had another friend that I would call at another radio station that was equally as kind,  but unfortunately is no longer with us.  His name was Spider (Gene) McClaine at KWIZ 1480AM in Santa Ana.
There was a large lapse in time when I had not heard from Mark and didn't know where he was working. Then one day I happen to be tuning across the AM  dial, my ears perked, there he was!  Doing the traffic report on  the nation's "Talk Radio Giant" 50,000 watt,  clear channel  KFI AM640 in Los Angeles!  Shortly their after,   he would go on be known as,  the voice of KFI, doing the top of the hour station ID thats was delightfully different with a catchy twist.
Well, I was really stoked!  I called him on the second day of his new job.   Talking on the phone to an old friend was not exactly going to help his on air delivery or concentration.  As it turned out our conversation was quickly terminated. The next conversation was a few months later.  He was happy to hear from me.  Mark could not recall if he had rushed me off, been rude or what.  He was very apologetic  and I assured him there wasn't a problem.  Mark is a real Prince of a man.  I am very proud to call him my friend and brother.  We have  shared some personal parts of our lives with one another.  I can tell you from my own experience, people that I have met in the radio business, are  not all  created equal when it come to being down to earth. Though Mark is the very best at what he does, in real life he comes across as someone you would like to get to know better..So you too, could call him  your friend.

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