This page is dedicated to my father and best friend,
who passed away on April 13 1997
He is greatly missed.... 

Dad, working in the back yard 




Come on, smile for the camera!       


  Here is my dad in the back yard of the home he truly loved

Here is dad, taking his best shot.


To know ole Jerr is to love em...To his children he was a father first, but we usually thought of him as our closest friend... It seemed as though he would bring himself to our level as to fully understand our situation.    To my sister and I, he would never ever be on a "power trip"...   He could some how be critical without criticizing.  My dad and I were on a first name basis. This was rather difficult for my friend that would drop by to understand.

One thing is for sure, my father was more than just a father, then, now and forever.  He has left behind a most awesome legacy which will live forever in the heart of people that knew him best...Of course we all miss him greatly...But our grief is calmed in knowing that he is resting in Heaven with his Lord, Jesus Christ.  Knowing one day we will see one another again. "Hey pal, this page is for you and your "memory" "Luv ya"  Lar      

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